Extremely important to follow proper aftercare to maintain results.

* Avoid touching the eyelash extensions. The constant rub or pulling can cause detachment of the extension and/or your natural lashes.

* Your eyes/lashes MUST be kept clean; flush with water while in the shower or when you wash your face. This will prevent the glands in the eyelids from becoming clogged, if you're not doing so, you can experience swelling on your eyelid(s). Any face wash oil-free makeup remover is fine, just rise well at the end. If not rinsed well, lash extensions can fall out prematurely. 

* In case of contact with water, allow your lashes to dry naturally or use a paper towel under the lashes to remove any excess water. 

* If you touch your eyelash extensions, follow general hygiene tips to avoid infection. 

* Eye makeup and makeup brushes must be stored, cleaned and disposed of according to the manufacturer's instructions to avoid bacteria that can cause infections. 

* Use only mascara for eyelash extensions, mascara should be applied from the middle of the lashes to the tips, never at the base, since the eyelashes extensions could stick with each other and break down the adhesive, causing your extensions to fall prematurely.

* To maintain the appearance of your eyelash extensions, we recommend you visit us once or twice a month for a touch up as our natural lashes shed during our lifetime.


Could I use lash growth serums with my extensions?

Yes, a variety of brands are safe to use with Hy Gorgeous Eyelash Extensions. You can sometimes see longer and thicker lashes with the growth serum, but they will not create darkness or curl like Hy Gorgeous Lash Extensions. Lash serums can help your natural lashes if your lashes are thin, weak and short. You can notice longer and thicker lashes in as little as two weeks. Remember, when you stop using the growth serum, your lashes will revert to their natural state.


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